Nonprofit 2 minute drill

Less than 2 minutes for smaller nonprofits to be challenged to engage in non traditional fundraising in a creative and easy way. Getting educated about these items is first step. 7 things to consider in less than 2 minutes.

Scott Thomas is Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy utilizing his time, talents and resources to help donors and nonprofit achieve more.
Stewardship Matters, Inc is located in Maitland FL just north of Orlando Florida


How to Make Selecting an iPhone Case Easier

Proper protection for a new iPhone is a must. Sure, you do not want to scratch it. You might have seen lots of iPhones on eBay having numerous scuffs or cracked screens. If you do not want your iPhone to end up on eBay for a ridiculous price or end up spending money on repair, then you should already be looking for a good protective case. iPhone cases are not just accessories that contribute to your style. One of the main reasons why people buy cases for their iPhone is to protect it from scuffs, wear, and scratches.

Many people buy a case for their iPhone because it’s their favorite color or they like the look of it, or because it is the most popular case at the moment only to find a short while later that the case is entirely unsuited to their lifestyle. They end up giving it away and going out to purchase another more suitable one. So, with the new release of the iPhone X case, how do you choose the best one for your iPhone?

Decide on your requirements before searching for a solution
Before embarking on a shopping trip for your next iPhone case, it will help first to answer a few fundamental questions regarding the type of case that you require. The answers to these questions will help you remain focused while you search the many and varied iPhone case online.

What material will you choose?
Leather, silicone or rubberized plastic? A leather case looks and feels great, and it will perfectly fit an iPhone. Business people, consultants, and managers can opt for this. Silicone and rubberized plastic are also perfect with durable materials. There are as well different types of colors. Recommending a particular material is difficult to do. Some people enjoy holding a genuine leather case and can’t stand silicone, while others buy different silicone cases for everyday use.

Choose your style. 
Yes, a new iPhone will complement your style. As mentioned above, manufacturers use various materials and design patterns. A business person would typically choose a leather case, while a student will appreciate a silicone case with a funny logo or hilarious inscription. Luckily, there are lots of fancy designs.

Durability is all important
There are lots of iPhone cases online. Yes, you may be tempted to buy a cheap case, but you will regret it in a week. Extremely cheap cases will look like junk in a month or so. This is a waste of money. A good case will do a great job, and there will be no need to replace it with a new one every month.

Weigh the pros and cons
Every type of cell phone cover is bound to have a different set of advantages. You will need to choose your options accordingly. On the other hand, if you want a good cover to withstand wear and tear, opt for the sturdy case designs.

The bottom line is No matter what lifestyle you lead there will be an appropriate iPhone case online for you. Choose the best iPhone case online for your lifestyle from the wide range of cases and covers available at

Appliance Doctors Washing Machine Tips – A Clean Bill of Health

The Washing machine can surprise you. You may have been using the washing machine for years, do you know if you are using it right? These tips will help you get perfectly clean clothes as well as a happy washing machine that lasts longer. Doing it right will give you trouble-free washing for ages.

Appliance Doctor’s advice on using your Washing Machine Efficiently

  1. The Load Size Matters:

Avoid overstuffing the washing drum. It is a good idea to use full load to save electricity but overstuffing can spoil the cleaning routine as well as your machine. The clothes need to move around to have a sparkling clean effect. If your washer and dryer are different sizes, plan it right washing machine repair nyc.

  1. Presoak Cycle Helps:

When you have the time, go with the pre-soak cycle in your washing machine. Extra dirty clothes can get cleaned thoroughly with this setting without any trouble.

  1. Choosing the detergent and bleach:

Go for the right detergent for your load and machine. Have a choice of detergents that you can use according to the dirt in your load. Use HE detergents for heavily soiled clothes. Do not go for detergents with bleach added as they may not be as effective as the regular chlorine bleach. Always add the bleach after the first cycle begins.

  1. 4. Routine Cleaning Adds Life:

Apart from using the washing machine, choose routine cleaning. Choose the largest load in your setting, fill the tub with hot water and a cup of bleach. In newer machines, the self-clean cycle does the trick

Yonkers Appliance Repair at Your Rescue

Sometimes, even though we take good care, things can go wrong. House calls for Yonkers Appliance Repair is just a call away. If you find something odd happening to your clothes or your washing machine, just give us a call. We have a team of fully trained professional cleaners who can set things right at a quick turnaround.

It is always a good idea to make the best use of available resources. When your washing machine does not give you the desired cleanliness, try the self-clean cycle on your machine. If you do not have an option, go with a cup of bleach for a full tub of hot water and run an empty cycle. This will flush out unwanted dirt collected in the drum. With a clean drum, you can definitely expect a better result. If it does not happen, give us a call. We are at your service!

Appliance Doctor – The Best Appliance Repairs NYC

The most effective way to use the washing machine is to have a regular service with the best appliance repair in NYC. At Appliance Doctor, we know what we deal with. With experts in the team, we understand the language of washing machines like none other. We make sure that your washing cycle is undisturbed by our same day service promise. We highly recommend our maintenance programs for your day to day appliances at home. We offer competitive rates on all our service plans.

How to get your product in stores – Selling to Retailers

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Tarot y Consejos Angelicales (trailer del libro)

The book helps people to read their energy on a daily basis ansd contains 78 energy healing sessions/meditations (one for each card of the tarot) to help transform or CHANGE the emotional energy.
Emotional healing will help you LOOK and FEEL BETTER .

El Libro contiene guia practica para leer tu energia cada dia y 78 SESIONES o meditaciones para SANAR o CAMBIAR tu energia. (una por cada carta de tarot)
Cuando sanas emocionalmente, LUCES y te SIENTES mucho mejoresto TRAE mejores situaciones y resultados tu vida