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Why to Buy SoundCloud Plays from

At, we have a well refined and secure system to fulfil your order. We use a unique SoundCloud account creation process to get high quality accounts. Here are a few highlights of the process which we like to share with you, so that you can realize how high quality work we do for the complete execution of your orders.

Valid Email Accounts

The email accounts from low-end domains are high likely to be noticed. Because of that, we create our accounts with high quality email addresses from Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo!


We create SoundCloud accounts from all over the world via different proxy servers. In addition, we do all the activity such as liking and commenting via the same proxy that was used in the account creation process.

Email Confirmed

This is an essential key to fully activate the accounts, so we include this in the account creation process.

Creation Date

We make new accounts every day and fill this on the multiple lists which makes it more natural than accounts created on the same day.

Separated System

All accounts who are following/liking/commenting on your SoundCloud page and posts are only used for you; we do not use an account twice.


The followers, plays, comments and favorites are added over time which makes it look more organic. Every package spreads over multiple days in order to give your SoundCloud profile an organic flow of the activities.

High Quality Accounts

We take all the details very seriously. We realize that as a producer or musician, you want to have followers who are realistic. We can all agree that an account like ‘user482358’ doesn’t look nice and reliable, so we make a difference by adding the realistic elements to the accounts.

Real Personality

A realistic name like ‘DJ Bert’ or ‘DJ007’ is used. Along with the profile picture, this is a huge leap forward in making an account realistic on SoundCloud. We also add a bio description to make it even more realistic.

Own Music

Our accounts have own song tracks uploaded. Well, don’t worry as they will not have better tracks as you do, but it is something to make the profile more reliable.


Our accounts have followers and follow randomly other people. In this way, they are very realistic.

We hope that you would like to buy SoundCloud plays from as we offer the best service.